Lynwood Park Public School

Great expectations - Great attitudes - Great achievements - Great school

Telephone02 9622 2659

About our school

Our school exists to provide a quality education for all our young people.

We have 3 priorities:

  1. raising educational standards and level of educational achievement
  2. provision of quality teaching and learning program
  3. care and safety of our students. 

We are seen as being a family school and enjoy a great deal of community support. When parents enrol their children they enter into a partnership with the school staff based on shared responsibility and mutual respect.

We aim to:

  • achieve effective learning and good discipline in a productive and harmonious school environment
  • create in children an understanding of appropriate behaviour
  • lead students to have responsibility for their own behaviour.

Our school prospectus has all the day-to-day information you need to know about how our school runs. Download the Lynwood Park Primary School prospectus 2018 (PDF 1MB) for further information.

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